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Sketch of the day

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31 Days Down. 58 To Go.

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“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”

-Wayne Gretzky


Well there is not a damn better way to return to the blogging world than leading off with a quote from the Great One.

Alas, I once was lost but now am found. Once was blind but now can see. Once was mute but now can sing sweeter than honey-coated sugar cubes.

My time at Brush Creek Ranch in Wyoming was a hell of an experience.

You can read about, you can hear about it, but until you actually see it firsthand, its hard to understand that to some people, money just aint no thang. Plain and simple. Working for a billionaire has it’s perks. I get to enjoy for free what people are paying thousands of dollars a night for.

I dined on Akaushi Beef  (out of the 25 million head of cattle in the US, only 5,000 are Akaushi), enjoyed a bar which included 20 bottles of fine wine (all of which rated 95 or better according to Wine Spectator), gorged myself with foie gras (goose liver that costs way too much money but taste so damn good), went snowmobiling around a National Forest and then how did I get home? Well I just hopped on the boss’s private jet with him. Yes, working for a billionaire most definitely has it’s perks.

Enough with that. I’m trying to regain my focus and finish off these last 2 months strong. I’ve noticed a fabulous shift in my body and my strength and stamina are higher. I’m halfway though my 25 classes of yoga in 30 days challenge and I’m right on pace. 12 classes down with 15 days remaining.

Dance is dance. I don’t know what I have to do to break onto that next level but I should work on figuring it out. It feels like I’ve taken my skills as far as I can take them, I want some sort if direction now. Maybe its time that I work on developing my own style. I’ve began to blend some of the balancing poses used in yoga into my dance practice. If I can improve, these moves can be pretty damn unique. I haven’t seen any videos of people doing anything like it so far. That’s what I’m looking to do, create a style that is me. I watch so many videos and everyone is doing the damn same thing. Moving fast as can be and not paying attention to their movements or linking them together.

HTML practice is improving. I’m beginning to go over CSS so I’m excited about that. For practice, I should just work on creating my own website. Team Treehouse is great but I need to practice and become familiar with all things HTML and CSS. It is a language so I should treat it like learning a language. Practice, practice, practice.

Art is colorful, frustrating, rewarding all at the same time. I want to create something that I am proud to display and coming up with ideas is hard, coming up with ways to execute ideas is hard. I know I will be able to improve as I learn more though.

I’ll start updating regularly again to keep myself sane.

21 Days Down. 68 To Go.

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Lesson Learned: When learning something new, taking the process slowly and controlled is much better than rushing and cramming information.  I’m young, I can take steps. 


Its been a minute since I’ve posted. I’ve been on vacation from work this past week and should’ve had plenty of time to update. However, with so much time on my hands, I opted to stay away from the computer.

As far as yoga goes, I’m 4 days into the 25 classes in 30 days challenge. I’ve managed to make it to all 4 days thus far and plan on going tomorrow. My practice has developed greatly in the past 3 weeks. I’ve noticed flexibility and core strength increases amongst other things. I understand that these are beginner gains and the improvement is soon to come to a grinding halt.

It’s fairly easy to become good at any particular skill, it’s difficult to become great.

Dance has been sweet as usual. It can be the most humbling experience. Sometimes I walk out of the studio having had a terrible go with the routine we just practiced and feel like I’ll never improve. The next time at the studio my feeling leaving the studio will be the polar opposite.

One thing I’ve noticed with scheduling and dance is that it might be best to primarily focus on making it to dance classes on weekends. Practice at home during the week, try to make it to a class if I get the chance but hone in entirely on dance come Saturday.


Art has been going great, too. I just finished a perspective piece that took me forever. Good Lord I hate perspective right now. It looks great though.

I’ve been singing everyday!

I have to head off to Wyoming tomorrow for the week because I’m working at the Ranch. Oh boy.

Tasks Completed February 16-February 19

-4 Yoga Classes (4 hours)

-Pushup 80/Pullup 40/Shoulder Raise 58- 15 lb Workout. (20 minutes)

-Published Website

-Dance Class (1 hour)

-Dance Practice (2 hours)

-Singing Practice (Three 15 minute Scale Warmups)

-Singing Songs (1 hour)

-Finished Original Perspective Piece (5 hours)

No Money Saved–I’m about to make some at the Ranch. 

Day 17 Down. 72 More To Go.

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Lesson Learned: You get a lot more in the end if you said “no” more than “yes”.

Today was a physically fit day. It was the first day of the 25 yoga classes in 30 days challenge that I’m attempting to complete. After yoga, I submitted my application to CU and then hit a weight workout to complete the fitness day. I worked on my painting a wee bit and plan on working on some dance moves as soon as I finish this up.

Dance is going well. I’ve been working on building up muscle memory in my legs. I want to perfect the cleanliness and precision of my moves. I watch tons of videos and people are great dancers, no doubt, but their form is not so clean. It seems that everyone is so interested in moving as fast as they can and have forgotten the elegance in dance. I’m going to work on some moves that blend grace and a degree of difficulty. Practice Practice Practice.

I’m still working on finding a balance between activities. It seems that 2 out of 3 (Yoga, Dance or Weights) works nicely.

Tasks Completed:

-Yoga (1 hour)


-Weight Workout (45 minutes)

-Dance Practice (30 minutes)


Days 15 & 16 Finished. Lets Go 73.

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Lesson Learned: Establishing self-imposed deadlines is easy, sticking to them is a bit*h. 


Okay, I have to be careful here. I’m a little passed the 2-week mark and I want to be careful to not burn out but still stay on track. Monday was nice, I woke up early and went to the Corepower South Boulder. By the way, the South Boulder location is the shitty. It smells like ramen noodles and incense, the men’s locker room is tiny and you can practically see into in from the front desk, the instructor was BUMPING Pretty Lights and other womp music during the class….which ended up being the most difficult class I’ve ever taken. Sculpt at South Boulder is no joke. 

Web Design was great, I need to start focusing on the content for my own site. Content Is King. 

Tuesday involved the Art Sandwich that is back to back studio classes. I loved it, plus there is this super cute Canadian girl who has been flirting with me. Been working on dance and especially singing. Gotta always work on the simple parts of dance and the basics of singing….I’m a NOVICE. Feeling a bit weird tonight. 


Tasks Completed February 13, 2012:

-Yoga Sculpt (1 hour)

-Web Design (4 hours)

-Singing Lesson and Practice (1  1/4 hours)

-Finished still life of vase (2  1/2 hours)


Tasks Completed February 14, 2012:

-Art Class (6 hours)

-Website Basic Layout Complete (45 minutes)

Days 13 & 14 Completed. Bring on 75. WKND ED.

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Instead of a lesson learned, I’m going to opt for a quote that I heard this past weekend that made me think deeply about it’s intentions.

“When you feel in your gut what you are and then dynamically pursue it–don’t back down and don’t give up–then you’re gonna mystify a lot of folks.”

Bob Dylan


The weekend is coming to a close, another 2 days of  water induced living made me feel good. The week ahead lies ripe with opportunity and troubles, how I react to each is what’s important.

Maybe I’ve figured something out. Just maybe. In the endless struggle to find balance between everything life has to offer, I constantly end up with a feeling that I’m behind and not focusing enough. Well the problem is, there is too much to focus on and filtering out what you truly enjoy and what you’re doing just for the looks is the tricky part.


I’ve figured out what I truly enjoy. Or at least I think I have. Still, I have a hard time squeezing in everything that I’d like to do. Aw if only there were more hours in a day, or at least more hours in a morning.

That’s where the weekend comes in. Use the weekend. That’s what I must constantly remind myself. Yes, I just finished a week at school/work and the  easiest thing to do on Friday evening would be to stop by the liquor store on the way home and crack into one soon thereafter. Can’t do it. Can’t do it. Turn me over, I’m getting crispy,  I’m done. I’m in my early twenties and I’m living like I’m in my mid-thirties. I know once you’re out of college, you want to feel grown up because well, you are a grown up. But Jesus H, it’s like the optimistic attitude was traded for a college degree and a healthy dose of pessimism. Is it really that bad? Is my job so sh*tty that I cannot wait to get out of that place come Friday and in to the nearest bar? No. It’s not. I just decide that is so I react accordingly. Maybe, I can twist it around and think to myself, “I’ll head home and work on whatever it is I want to improve in tonight. That’s what I’ll do this Friday.”

I’m sure going to try. I feel like the weekend is turning into wasted time. I go out, get drunk and end up sleeping somewhere other than my own bed. Yes, I may miss out on the opportunity to cultivate relationships, social skills and many other benefits but to hell with it. I’m in my twenties. I think that means it’s the only time in my life that I’m going to be given the chance to be this selfish. To find out what I can do and screw everyone else. Time is valuable, and it may boil down to how you affected others while you were alive, or it could be how you used your time to develop yourself. Point being, find out what is you believe in and make sure you go after it with everything you have.


Tasks Completed February 11, 2012:

-Yoga (1 hour)

-Dance Practice (30 minutes)

-Singing Practice (30 minutes)

-Art Drawing of Still Life (1 hour)

Tasks Completed February 12, 2012:

-Singing Practice (30 minutes)

-Dance Practice (30 minutes)

-Work (5 hours)

Days 11 & 12 Are History. 77 To Go.

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Lesson Learned: There comes a time in every young man’s life where he must decide if he wants to chase skirts and good times or dreams and opportunities. If you catch the latter, the former will follow. 


I missed an entry yesterday and I’ve forced myself to do one, albeit brief, today. Yesterday I decided to use my vacation pay and take a week off of work. So for the next 7 days I’m going to focus on getting my application into CU, deciding what sh*t around the house I can get rid of and finishing my projects. Oh Yea, I’m loving the Freddie Mercury Bio that I’m reading right now. 


Tasks Completed February 9, 2012:

-Art Classes (5 3/4 hours)

-Work (3 hours)

Tasks Completed February 10, 2012:

-HTML Practice (1 hour)

-Weight Workout (45 minutes)

-Finished Complimentary Color Painting (3 hours)