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21 Days Down. 68 To Go.

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Lesson Learned: When learning something new, taking the process slowly and controlled is much better than rushing and cramming information.  I’m young, I can take steps. 


Its been a minute since I’ve posted. I’ve been on vacation from work this past week and should’ve had plenty of time to update. However, with so much time on my hands, I opted to stay away from the computer.

As far as yoga goes, I’m 4 days into the 25 classes in 30 days challenge. I’ve managed to make it to all 4 days thus far and plan on going tomorrow. My practice has developed greatly in the past 3 weeks. I’ve noticed flexibility and core strength increases amongst other things. I understand that these are beginner gains and the improvement is soon to come to a grinding halt.

It’s fairly easy to become good at any particular skill, it’s difficult to become great.

Dance has been sweet as usual. It can be the most humbling experience. Sometimes I walk out of the studio having had a terrible go with the routine we just practiced and feel like I’ll never improve. The next time at the studio my feeling leaving the studio will be the polar opposite.

One thing I’ve noticed with scheduling and dance is that it might be best to primarily focus on making it to dance classes on weekends. Practice at home during the week, try to make it to a class if I get the chance but hone in entirely on dance come Saturday.


Art has been going great, too. I just finished a perspective piece that took me forever. Good Lord I hate perspective right now. It looks great though.

I’ve been singing everyday!

I have to head off to Wyoming tomorrow for the week because I’m working at the Ranch. Oh boy.

Tasks Completed February 16-February 19

-4 Yoga Classes (4 hours)

-Pushup 80/Pullup 40/Shoulder Raise 58- 15 lb Workout. (20 minutes)

-Published Website

-Dance Class (1 hour)

-Dance Practice (2 hours)

-Singing Practice (Three 15 minute Scale Warmups)

-Singing Songs (1 hour)

-Finished Original Perspective Piece (5 hours)

No Money Saved–I’m about to make some at the Ranch. 


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