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Day 17 Down. 72 More To Go.

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Lesson Learned: You get a lot more in the end if you said “no” more than “yes”.

Today was a physically fit day. It was the first day of the 25 yoga classes in 30 days challenge that I’m attempting to complete. After yoga, I submitted my application to CU and then hit a weight workout to complete the fitness day. I worked on my painting a wee bit and plan on working on some dance moves as soon as I finish this up.

Dance is going well. I’ve been working on building up muscle memory in my legs. I want to perfect the cleanliness and precision of my moves. I watch tons of videos and people are great dancers, no doubt, but their form is not so clean. It seems that everyone is so interested in moving as fast as they can and have forgotten the elegance in dance. I’m going to work on some moves that blend grace and a degree of difficulty. Practice Practice Practice.

I’m still working on finding a balance between activities. It seems that 2 out of 3 (Yoga, Dance or Weights) works nicely.

Tasks Completed:

-Yoga (1 hour)


-Weight Workout (45 minutes)

-Dance Practice (30 minutes)



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