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Days 15 & 16 Finished. Lets Go 73.

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Lesson Learned: Establishing self-imposed deadlines is easy, sticking to them is a bit*h. 


Okay, I have to be careful here. I’m a little passed the 2-week mark and I want to be careful to not burn out but still stay on track. Monday was nice, I woke up early and went to the Corepower South Boulder. By the way, the South Boulder location is the shitty. It smells like ramen noodles and incense, the men’s locker room is tiny and you can practically see into in from the front desk, the instructor was BUMPING Pretty Lights and other womp music during the class….which ended up being the most difficult class I’ve ever taken. Sculpt at South Boulder is no joke. 

Web Design was great, I need to start focusing on the content for my own site. Content Is King. 

Tuesday involved the Art Sandwich that is back to back studio classes. I loved it, plus there is this super cute Canadian girl who has been flirting with me. Been working on dance and especially singing. Gotta always work on the simple parts of dance and the basics of singing….I’m a NOVICE. Feeling a bit weird tonight. 


Tasks Completed February 13, 2012:

-Yoga Sculpt (1 hour)

-Web Design (4 hours)

-Singing Lesson and Practice (1  1/4 hours)

-Finished still life of vase (2  1/2 hours)


Tasks Completed February 14, 2012:

-Art Class (6 hours)

-Website Basic Layout Complete (45 minutes)


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