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Days 11 & 12 Are History. 77 To Go.

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Lesson Learned: There comes a time in every young man’s life where he must decide if he wants to chase skirts and good times or dreams and opportunities. If you catch the latter, the former will follow. 


I missed an entry yesterday and I’ve forced myself to do one, albeit brief, today. Yesterday I decided to use my vacation pay and take a week off of work. So for the next 7 days I’m going to focus on getting my application into CU, deciding what sh*t around the house I can get rid of and finishing my projects. Oh Yea, I’m loving the Freddie Mercury Bio that I’m reading right now. 


Tasks Completed February 9, 2012:

-Art Classes (5 3/4 hours)

-Work (3 hours)

Tasks Completed February 10, 2012:

-HTML Practice (1 hour)

-Weight Workout (45 minutes)

-Finished Complimentary Color Painting (3 hours)



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