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9 Days Down. 90 To Go. 10% Through.

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Lesson Learned: When rest is deserved, by all means, rest.


Starting to strike a balance between activities that I have never achieved before. Yes, I know, I’m only 9 days into this crossing and I’m already claiming to have reached enlightenment. No, not really, but I do feel great about my progress and the manner in which I’m approaching everything that needs to be done.

In the past, it was was common for me to pick out a few activities that I wished to pursue and immediately start planning a day by day breakdown of how and when I was going to accomplish my activity hopefuls. A sample run-down of how my mind operated was something like this, “Okay, I’ll wake up at 5:30, get to yoga by 6, after yoga I’ll work on studying the stock market for an hour while I eat breakfast. I’ll be at work by 8:30 and get out by 4:00. I’ll go to dance at 4:30 and return home to practice Spanish from 6:00-7:00 p.m. and if anything changes throughout my day, welp, I’m fu*ked.”  Pretty bizarre, I would make my days so structured and rigid that any pop-up event (a common occurrence in this thing we call life), would send my productivity train careening off the tracks.

Now its different. I wake up at 5:30 and have the option of going to 6:00 a.m. yoga, working on dance practice for 30 minutes and singing for another 30 or even getting in my weight workout. Point being, I have options and I’m more than willing to work with those options. Instead of breaking my productivity meter down day by day and obsessing over every single second, I’m taking a step back and gauging the meter over the course of an entire week. Sure, I had plenty of time to go to yoga this morning, and I planned on going the night before. But when I woke up, I felt like dancing. So I danced with the understanding that I had time throughout the rest of the day to make it to a yoga class, and I did. If I didn’t have time today, then I would for sure have time somewhere else in the week. As long as I reach my goal in each activity every week, then I’m happy.


Tasks Completed:

-Art Class (5 3/4 hours)

-Yoga (1 hour)

-HTML study and Treehouse HTML Mastery (1 hour)

-Dance Practice, Harlem Shuffle, Chest Iso’s, TUTS and Robot legs (30 minutes)

-Singing Practice (15 minutes)

-Two 5 minute exercises (10 minutes)


Money Saved: $0



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