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1 down. 89 to go.

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I’m a rookie and I will readily admit it. A greenhorn on a crabbing ship, a tenderfoot on a logging crew, a spring chicken on the farm, I encompass all that is amateur. Starting off is difficult, plain and simple. Figuratively speaking, I can see that peak way off in the distance, but there is an awfully steep incline and a whole mess of trees and rocky terrain separating us. Nothing in life worth achieving is easy. Staying positive is going to be a tremendously important factor if I am to succeed for the 90 days. I am gradually identifying what it is that I want to accomplish, exactly. There are three aspects of my life that I wish to improve upon; Mind, Body and Soul. If I can spend time each and every day focusing on those 3 aspects, I believe that a dramatic transformation is possible after 90 days. Improving my mind will be easy as I am not very smart to begin with so any knowledge attained is progress. My body is currently marshmellow-y and woeful so steps forward are definitely measurable. The status of my soul will be tough to gauge. I’m going to equate the state of my soul to the the state of my happiness. Its hard to define soul and my definition will always change. Anyways, I’ve started on my journey. Had my first actual web design course today, followed by my first ever singing lesson. Oh yea, by the way, I’m super excited to be singing. I was so nervous getting up in front of a well-established musician who has seen so many talented people and give my best rendition of “Let It Be”. I’m doing it, though. I have an hour session every week for the next 90 days. I will try my best to get audio of me singing now and then again at the end of the timeframe. Vaminos!

Here is a list of tasks completed for the day:

-Web Design Course (3 1/2 hours)

-Singing Lesson (1 hour)

-Yoga (1 hour)

-Team Treehouse Time (30 minutes)

-Art work with charcoal (1 hour)

Money Saved: $7.73


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