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Progress update 1/28/2012

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Back in action in Yoga today. The entire class session, especially the last 15 minutes were clear indicators of how out of shape I am. I kept looking at the clock wondering why in the hell it wasn’t moving faster. Knee surgery really took it out of me and killed my motivation to maintain any respectable level of fitness whatsoever. At the end of summer, I was excited to finally get in a full crack at the Colorado ski season.  A game of recreational volleyball on a backyard net coupled with weak knee, equalled the end of my aspirations to get on the mountain….or to do anything else that required me to be on my feet for longer than an hour or two.  I was pretty bent out of shape over the whole ordeal for a while, actually. But I kind of realized that I was being a diva and that my situation was equal to 0.01 on the 10 point “Scale of Problems Ailing Humans Around the World”. So I decided to make the best out of my resources and explore opportunities that I have overlooked. To delve into the artistic energy inside and see where it takes me.  To quote the famous movie, “You either get busy living, or get busy dying”. I’m going to dedicate the next 90 days to adapting a completely different lifestyle. I’m going to try to structure my days using time management practices and develop a routine. Drinking is an activity that I will begrudgingly give up for the 90 day span. I’ve always wondered what I could do with the money I’d save if I didn’t drink or smoke, now I can find out. I’ve enrolled in a web design class, a drawing class and a 2-D design class. I figure if I would want to explore my creative side, I could experiment with both modern and long standing forms of expression. Dance will begin this week, I will aim to take 2 classes per week, but I’d like to get 3. Vocal lessons will be something completely new for me and I’m excited to get started, I have my first lesson this Monday. And as I mentioned in the beginning, I’m back in yoga. I’m actually going to try to complete this 25 classes of yoga in 30 days challenge starting February 15. I’m going to be very busy but I’ll try to keep track of my progress. Im out of here.


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