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Day 2 is History, 88 More to Go.

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Lesson learned today; No matter how busy I am, no matter the number of tasks that I need to complete, if given the opportunity to spend time with my father, I should just do it. Let me rephrase that for myself; Make time for the unexpected.

I need an alarm clock that shoots espresso into my mouth. A Go-Go Gadget  wrist watch that has liquid caffeine readily available for consumption. Despite not having one of these devices, I managed to wake up this morning at the ripe hour of 5:25 am to make it to yoga. Core Power 2 class made my morning and I improved my Body.

Today was a marathon for the right side of the brain. I crushed art like I was in 5th grade all over again. I completed my first art project since I was a freshman in highschool. That was 8 years ago, dude. Spending time developing my Mind? Si Senor.

And going back to the lesson learned, I made time to go out to dinner with my father. I feel like our relationship has improved considerably in the last year. This time was certainly good for my Soul.

I’m out of here. It’s creeping on 11 pm and I have to be at work by 6:30 in the morning.

Tasks Completed:

-Yoga (1 hour)

-Art Work (5 hours)

Money Saved:



1 down. 89 to go.

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I’m a rookie and I will readily admit it. A greenhorn on a crabbing ship, a tenderfoot on a logging crew, a spring chicken on the farm, I encompass all that is amateur. Starting off is difficult, plain and simple. Figuratively speaking, I can see that peak way off in the distance, but there is an awfully steep incline and a whole mess of trees and rocky terrain separating us. Nothing in life worth achieving is easy. Staying positive is going to be a tremendously important factor if I am to succeed for the 90 days. I am gradually identifying what it is that I want to accomplish, exactly. There are three aspects of my life that I wish to improve upon; Mind, Body and Soul. If I can spend time each and every day focusing on those 3 aspects, I believe that a dramatic transformation is possible after 90 days. Improving my mind will be easy as I am not very smart to begin with so any knowledge attained is progress. My body is currently marshmellow-y and woeful so steps forward are definitely measurable. The status of my soul will be tough to gauge. I’m going to equate the state of my soul to the the state of my happiness. Its hard to define soul and my definition will always change. Anyways, I’ve started on my journey. Had my first actual web design course today, followed by my first ever singing lesson. Oh yea, by the way, I’m super excited to be singing. I was so nervous getting up in front of a well-established musician who has seen so many talented people and give my best rendition of “Let It Be”. I’m doing it, though. I have an hour session every week for the next 90 days. I will try my best to get audio of me singing now and then again at the end of the timeframe. Vaminos!

Here is a list of tasks completed for the day:

-Web Design Course (3 1/2 hours)

-Singing Lesson (1 hour)

-Yoga (1 hour)

-Team Treehouse Time (30 minutes)

-Art work with charcoal (1 hour)

Money Saved: $7.73

Progress update 1/28/2012

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Back in action in Yoga today. The entire class session, especially the last 15 minutes were clear indicators of how out of shape I am. I kept looking at the clock wondering why in the hell it wasn’t moving faster. Knee surgery really took it out of me and killed my motivation to maintain any respectable level of fitness whatsoever. At the end of summer, I was excited to finally get in a full crack at the Colorado ski season.  A game of recreational volleyball on a backyard net coupled with weak knee, equalled the end of my aspirations to get on the mountain….or to do anything else that required me to be on my feet for longer than an hour or two.  I was pretty bent out of shape over the whole ordeal for a while, actually. But I kind of realized that I was being a diva and that my situation was equal to 0.01 on the 10 point “Scale of Problems Ailing Humans Around the World”. So I decided to make the best out of my resources and explore opportunities that I have overlooked. To delve into the artistic energy inside and see where it takes me.  To quote the famous movie, “You either get busy living, or get busy dying”. I’m going to dedicate the next 90 days to adapting a completely different lifestyle. I’m going to try to structure my days using time management practices and develop a routine. Drinking is an activity that I will begrudgingly give up for the 90 day span. I’ve always wondered what I could do with the money I’d save if I didn’t drink or smoke, now I can find out. I’ve enrolled in a web design class, a drawing class and a 2-D design class. I figure if I would want to explore my creative side, I could experiment with both modern and long standing forms of expression. Dance will begin this week, I will aim to take 2 classes per week, but I’d like to get 3. Vocal lessons will be something completely new for me and I’m excited to get started, I have my first lesson this Monday. And as I mentioned in the beginning, I’m back in yoga. I’m actually going to try to complete this 25 classes of yoga in 30 days challenge starting February 15. I’m going to be very busy but I’ll try to keep track of my progress. Im out of here.

Ready. Set. Blog.

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I’ve been long struggling to find a method of keeping track of my progress in a variety of activities; dancing, working out/yoga, learning Spanish & HTML, saving money, paying bills, finding my passion in life, etc. So rather than go out and buy a planner and some notebooks that I would have to meticulously update, I opted for the digital option. I hope that one day I can look back and reflect on my entries and marvel at the distance I have covered. Not really, that’s a bit corny, but I hope this blog gives me that extra bit of motivation to make things happen. As I stated above, this blog is a progress tracker. Nothing more. I am challenging myself to increase my human capital. Maybe along the way I can find something that really gets my motor running, an activity that makes me slap my alarm clock in the morning because I am so psyched to get out of bed and begin work. I have some general directions that I will follow. First, I would like to improve my skills and efficiency in a number of tasks, the most important of which I listed in the opening paragraph. Dancing is important to me because it not only allows me to express myself, but it is also great for general fitness and its one helluva a social activity. Along the lines of fitness, working out has always been something important to me. When I am not able to break a sweat, I start breaking my own nerves and stress mounts rapidly. I’m like a Border Collie, I need to be taken out for a run once a day. Unfortunately for me, running is not the most ideal option due to my nagging knee injuries (I’ve had 3 knee surgeries in the past 2 years). Along with dance, I have planned out a weight routine that is a full-body workout which I will complete 3 days a week every other day. In between my weight workouts, I plan on attending yoga classes. If you’ve never attended a yoga class, I strongly recommend trying. Call me a liberal, left-winged, dope-smoking, occupy-anything, save-the-whales Boulderite as much a you’d like, as long as I’m doing yoga, I’m cool with it. I gain flexibility, improve balance, develop an incredible amount of core strength, and I haven’t even mentioned girls in yoga pants yet. Yoga is legit. Physical improvement is only half of the equation. I’m 23 years young and like many others in my age group, I have no idea what I want to do with my life. Not a clue. I’ve heard people wiser than myself preach about finding something that you can be passionate about early in life and pour everything you have into it. Wish it was that easy to find something to pour myself into. I have a plan, however. I’ve enrolled in a few community college courses this upcoming semester and I hope to broaden my horizon of possibilities. My whole adult life (all 2 years of it), I am sorry to say, have been wasted on many tasks that I believed would make me the most amount of money when I grew older. Stupid thing to do, but retrospect is 20/20. For the first time in my life, I’m saying ‘Fu*k it’. I’m going to pursue interests of mine that would have many affluent parents pulling their kids college funding immediately. Lucky for me, I have always paid for my own education so it’s entirely my choice. Lastly, I want this blog to serve as a reminder to me to keep moving forward. Always keep moving forward. It is marvelous what a dedicated 15-30 minutes a day on any given activity can amount to in only a few months. I need to keep telling myself that “Someday, in the not so distant future, I won’t have to deal with these problems anymore.” This is it. I’m sure things will change drastically as I continue to write on here, but here’s to running up to a ledge, not even looking over it first, and jumping.